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Tranquility Methodist Episcopal Church
Allumuchy Township, Warren County

There is an interesting story behind this church, if true. A Quaker society was established in the Great Meadows area by 1745; William Penn's grandson deeded this property for the purpose of building a meetinghouse in 1752, and shortly thereafter a log meetinghouse was erected. By 1764 it was replaced by a stone building, which served as meetinghouse and school; but the Quakers did not flourish here and services had ceased by 1755. That building was torn down in 1866. This much is agreed upon, but from here on the sources differ. The version I offer here says that the Methodist congregation in nearby Tranquility (or perhaps a union congregation of which the Methodists were a major portion) erected a church (or, in conjunction with the local school district, a combined church and school) on the foundation of the old Quaker meetinghouse—this building. That Methodist congregation flourished, built a large and impressive church in nearby Tranquility (Sussex county) in 1871, and this building was converted to school, and much later, a residence. The building was for a long time known as the Quaker Grove School.
     The site is correct, and the building, sans porch, might easily have been a Methodist church. I hope the story, from a 1973 History of Allamuchy Township, true, but I have no corroborating information.


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