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Methodist Episcopal Church of Nottingham

Hamilton Square, Mercer County
Nottingham Way
founded c.1835, built 1844

A small round stained-glass window in a chapel attached to a larger modern church caught my eye, probably because I was looking for a Methodist chapel in the town. The words "Junior Epworth League" were part of the glass, so this was Methodist, but I remembered that the League had not formed until 1889, and I was looking for a much earlier church. Woodward said there was a Methodist church in Nottingham by 1844, which was considerably enlarged in 1874. Further checking revealed that the church had been renovated in 1904, when the stained-glass windows were added and the building was covered with "rough-case" (stucco).

The church has changed hands several times and in February 2010 was in the possession of new owner, a very gracious Pentecostal congregation whose name I did not get. The sanctuary of the church seems to have changed little since the 1870s.

Woodward 808