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Johnsonburg Christian Church
Johnsonburg, Warren County

The building, erected in 1846, is stucco over stone, with several nice refinements in the cornice and lintel over the door. The belfry (if that's what it was), much deteriorated, now sits in the ground adjacent to the church.
      The Christian denomination grew out of the revivals of the early part of the 19th century and their churches were occasionally referred to as Unitarian owing to a misunderstanding of their basic philosophy. They are definitely Christian but were open to some theological diversity. This congregation was organized about 1826 by a leading revivalist, Mrs. Abigail Roberts, who also organized one nearby in Great Meadows and at least two in Hunterdon county. Initial services were held in the Episcopal mission in town. The church (but not this building) is also associated with the legend of the White Pilgrim, for which see Henry Beck, Tales and Towns of Northern New Jersey.
This church is similar in style to several other Christian churches in the area, although a little more refined in the door surround. See, for example, the Christian church in Little York (Hunterdon County).




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