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Saint Peter's Church
Morristown, Morris County

Saint Peter's Episcopal Church was organized in 1827, and this building, the second on the site, was started in 1887, although it was not finished for 24 years. Episcopal services in the area may have been held as early as 1763, but a church so strongly associated with England would not have been popular during the Revolutionary era.
      The architect was Charles McKim of McKim Mead and White. There is a Tiffany window in the east chapel. During construction, a long wooden shed was built on the grounds; at one end, 18 stone cutters worked continuously during the cold months. At the other end, two blacksmiths continually sharpened and repaired the stonecutting tools.
     Additional information can be found in J. Elliott Lindsley, A History of Saint Peter's Church, published in 1952.
     One is prompted to ask of this congregation is why it was so late in formation. The Society for Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts generally supported Anglican churches in all the county seats and important towns of the state, including Johnsonburg (Warren) and Ringoes (Hunterdon). But the Methodists and even the Catholics had organized here before there was a formal Anglican parish. Very curious.




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