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First Presbyterian Church
White Township, Warren County

Oxford was the site of an early ironworks, so one would expect to find an old church or two in the town. This lovely brick building, erected in 1856, lies about halfway between Oxford and Belvidere (the county seat). The congregation dates to 1729, and some of the stones in the cemetery are almost that old. When the congregation outgrew this church, they built their new one, in 1890, in town. This still houses an active congregation, however—the Presbyterian Church of Oxford at Hazen.
     Across the street is an 1849 Greek Revival schoolhouse—the Hazen School, which was originally called The Parochial School of the First Presbyterian Church of Oxford. It was the only school in the area until 1931, when the White Township Consolidated School opened. Hundreds of children from Hazen received their elementary education in this classic one-room schoolhouse.




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