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St Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church
Port Republic, Atlantic County

The Methodist congregation in Port Republic was an early one, founded in 1796. By the time this large Wren-Gibbs style church was erected in 1870, the Methodist church in New Jersey, which had been the largest for almost half a century, was soon to be eclipsed by the Catholic church. But Methodism would remain the dominant religion in south Jersey for decades to come.
     The plan of the church bears a strong resemblance to the Methodist church in Williamstown (25 miles away), erected 10 years earlier. Its style follows a long tradition perhaps starting in London in the 1660s with the designs of Christopher Wren. The tower is rather unusual in that instead of being multi-tiered as is common, the shaft is interrupted by a couple of bands before getting to the steeple. The building is celebrated for its design, although I find it heavy compared to the soaring Presbyterian church in Westfield, for example.




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