No. 15   June 2002
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We've created a database and photographic inventory on more than half the 18th & 19th century churches in the state and add to it each month. We welcome and solicit all contributions and suggestions from our visitors.

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With publication of The New Jersey Churchscape, I have been asked to provide a schedule of upcoming lectures, book signings and appearances, which I am pleased to do.

Book signings


Montclair Historical Society
       June 2, 2:30 pm


I'm taking the rest of the summer off—no lectures, no book signings—to work on completing my book on the old churches of Hunterdon County. I have a complete photographic inventory of all 99 surviving churches from the 18th and 19th century, and now am the process of writing the historical essay that explains why the county's churchscape is quite different from those of Morris, Somerset, Warren, at al.






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